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Our Mission

Safaroma launched a Kickstarter campaign in the summer of 2017 to help empower our enterprising female farmers.


Tea with purpose

At Safaroma, we make superior-tasting, natural and healthy saffron and teas grown ethically through sustainable farming methods. Together with our communities support, we help build a sustainable business lead by women for women. Each purchase helps shape the lives of our enterprising female farmers and their families. 

Together, we will provide them with the income they need to support their families and allow their children to go to school. These children are the future of Afghanistan and their literacy and education are a vital part of that future. Our Afghan saffron is some of the best in the world and is grown using sustainable farming methods.

Saffron & Teas

Saffron is being studied as having cancer-fighting and anti-inflammatory properties and being a glaucoma, depression and obesity fighter with therapeutic results being found by the American National Center for Biotechnology Information. Worldwide, saffron infuses dishes with a gentle, tasty flavor: some examples are Mexican rice, Spanish paella, Italian potato soup, Persian desserts and tasty teas.

Safaroma, named after the sweet aroma of saffron, offers pure saffron as well as flavorful and healthy saffron tea blends including Paradise Berry and Earl Grey.

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September 2016 – Safaroma is founded.
December 2016 – Partnership talks with women-coop begin.
January 2017 – The Creative team is assembled.
March 2017 – We hire a team to aid our product development.
March 2017 – We hire a Logistics Manger.
March 2017 – Saffron Women's co-op signs agreement for partnership.
April 2017 – Partnered with Global Tea Solution for manufacturing.
April 2017 – We launch our first line of products via Kickstarter.
May 2017 - Interviews with various outlets from media outlets such as XM Radio to 1010 NewsTalk Radio.
July 2017 – Finished our first Kickstarter successfully surpassing our initial goal by 122%
September 2017 – We finalize our Kickstarter orders and begin certification of our Saffron Teas and Pure Saffron.
November 2017 - Organic certification is complete. Production of our first line of Saffron Teas and Pure Saffron begins.