Amazing Benefits of Saffron Threads For Skin, Hair and Health

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Hippocrates says saffron is a wonderful herb, which can be used to treat a large number of medical problems. Some of the common problems that are treated with its use include cold, cough, uterine bleeding, flatulence, stomach issues, insomnia, and others. This useful spice is the most expensive spice on planet earth and its harvesting method is responsible for its expensive price. It takes nearly three years from growing the seeds until seeds turn into flowers.

Each flower contains 3-4 stigmas or saffron threads and a large number of these are dried to produce a few grams of saffron. Saffron is highly rich in manganese, which maintains blood sugar levels. Not only this, its use aids in the formation of bones, tissues and sex hormones. Saffron contains Vitamin C that provides protects your body against infections and helps in iron absorption. The credit of saffron’s healthful qualities can be attributed to Crocin, a compound present in it.

There are a number of ways you can take saffron. One such way is combining it with milk, which can improve digestion and appetite. This not only improves digestion but also keeps your skin healthy and enhances immunity. Drinking saffron milk at bedtime promotes sound sleep so it is a boon for people who are suffering from sleeping problems. Apart from saffron milk, there are other products like saffron oil, which can make your skin glow.

This is all about the health benefits of saffron, now we will discuss the nutritional profile of Saffron. About 100 grams of saffron contains 310 calories, 65.37 grams of carbohydrates, 5.85 grams of fat, 11.43 grams of protein and 0mg of cholesterol. The dietary content is about 3.9 grams with other minerals like calcium 111mg, copper 0.328mg, magnesium 264mg, manganese 28mg, and iron 11.10mg. All this data shows that saffron is a nutritional product.

Now the question is where can you get saffron or saffron threads? So there is no need to worry at all. The growing popularity of this product has made spice retailers and online grocery retailers to include this spice in their existing product portfolio. Make sure the saffron you buy for yourself is free from adulteration. Do you know why I am saying this? If no, then you must know that adulterated saffron won’t give you the benefits you are looking for. It is better to ask your friends and people known to you for a retailer of saffron. They are close to you and won’t lie to you. You can trust them and make your purchase from the retailer suggested by them.

Safaroma is one such online retailer you can trust upon, a reputed name in the saffron industry. It is known for providing people with high-quality saffron purchased from women farmers of Afghanistan. They are helping a lot of women to earn a livelihood for them and their families.

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