Hundreds of enterprising female farmers empowered to date

With every product you purchase, you support and empower our entrepreneurial female partners in need.

Safaroma was created in response to a desperate need to provide a channel for thousands of Afghan female farmers to sell their products at fair market prices, thereby doing away with unscrupulous middlemen and dominant distribution corporations. In 2017, we began work with the Ghoryan Saffron Farmers' Union and expanded as a trusted partner for other women's co-ops as well as individual farmers.

Empowering women. Empowered by women.

We embrace a conscious commitment to supporting farming communities and the surrounding villages that rely on them, as well as the sensitive and critical eco-systems throughout Afghanistan.

As a result of Safaroma's inherent understanding of their needs and challenges, Afghan women's unions and co-operatives are run totally by Afghan women in their quest for sustainable livelihoods. Over the last 20 years, we have learned that relying on NGOs who pull out after a few years was not the way to help raise the struggling farmers out of the abject poverty that had become the norm.

Our fair trade initiatives are designed to help Afghan female farmers and villagers reclaim their lives, farms and country. With our help and yours, we will provide them with the income they need to support their families and allow their children to go to school. These children are the future of Afghanistan and their literacy and education are a vital part of that future.

How does Safaroma work?

We import, blend and distribute saffron and saffron tea blends from Third World Countries to developed countries. Our products are natural, 100% organic, healthy and delicious. Our teas and spices are either grown wild, within protected forests or by using sustainable farming and fair trade methods. We are bringing our customers the highest quality teas and blending them with our high quality saffron from Afghanistan. 


Our Pure Saffron

Our pure saffron naturally grown in the Ghoryan district of Herat province of Afghanistan by Ghoryan Saffron Women Union members. Saffron is both a spice and an herbal tea preparation, harvested from the stigma of the naturally-grown Crocus sativus flower.  It is dark orange and threadlike in appearance, with a spicy flavour and pungent odour. In addition to tasting great, saffron has many health benefits.

Saffron is best used sparingly in its natural threadlike form. It should be stored in an airtight, re-sealable container in a cool dark location to maintain its potency. The herb can be frozen. Properly stored saffron can be used for up to two years. A good measure of the herb's freshness and potency is its odor and color. 

Our Saffron Teas

We use our highest quality teas to blend them with our best quality saffron from Afghanistan in order to give an honest choice for the FIRST TIME EVER to people around the world to taste their favourite teas with infused Saffron. 

We believe that everything we do should benefit the health and lives of our customers. We do this by carefully selecting the finest teas and spices grown in the most optimal conditions from growers who provide sustainable wages for their workers. We are committed to being good environmental stewards that will allow the planet to flourish for generations to come.

"Saffron Tea isn't just our business, it's our passion."

Selling tea may not be the world's oldest profession, but it's up there! The tea business spans every continent, ocean and time zone and is layered with nuances, regional customs and trade complications. At SAFAROMA we believe educating our customers in the various products and services we offer while understanding their needs is paramount.

By listening to our customers requests and opinion we can more effectively offer solutions and blends that better meet their needs. We trust this simple approach will help us build strong relationships with our satisfied customers from all around the world.