Our Team

Hope is our cup of tea.

We are passionate about great tasting and healthy teas, and we know it feels good to be a part of something positive. So, why saffron and tea? Because saffron is healthy, delicious and can make a positive difference in many peoples' lives. Safaroma wants to bring people together from all over the world.

Meet a few of the people who are behind Safaroma:


Bashir Bakhshi

As an experienced social entrepreneur, Bashir is focused on transforming systems and practices that are the root causes of poverty, environmental deterioration and the accompanying loss of human dignity. In 2006, Bashir got to know several female saffron farmers and learned about their lives, farming difficulties and product marketing challenges.

In 2010, he helped farmers to create their own national co-op, called “SABZ CO-OP,” to share a single platform to gain better farming knowledge and have a support system for each other. By 2011, he created a pure saffron brand for them called “SABZ SAFFRON”.

Bashir has a B.A. in International Economics, Diploma in Management & Social Entrepreneurship. He is inspired by tech innovation and opportunity to address critical social and economical challenges. In 2016, together with his teammates, he established Safaroma.

Nabila Tisha
Sr. Advisor, Sales and Marketing

From working at a Fortune 500 company to various roles within the non-profit sector, Nabila found herself fascinated by the potential of social enterprises to drive meaningful impact. Safaroma's integrated philanthropic approach to cultivate a sustainable development model inspired her because she believes in its power to transform the socio-economical landscape.

With her breadth of experience in finessing sales methodology and mapping, as well as, executing business strategy, Nabila supports the Safaroma team to convey the story of women in Afghanistan who challenge status quo. Simultaneously, she seeks to empower our consumers to make conscious decisions to ultimately change the narrative.

Andy Garcia

Andy Garcia
Creative Director

Andy joined Safaroma in 2017 because of his love of tea and for a chance to use his creativity and designs skills for a cause much bigger than himself. Andy is an award winning UX Designer, Art Director and Entrepreneur living in Toronto.

He has a passion for storytelling and how it can interact with companies, fans and customers alike. With over a decade of experience in design, UX and creative management, his work ranges from innovative technical projects to social concepts that break barriers and bring to life ideas that can change the way people use technology in every day life.
Barbra Heller

Barbra Heller
Senior Consultant

Barbara has successfully taked Safaroma's potential to the next level. With her experience at career coaching internationally and her ability to restructure teams, Barbra has distinguished herself in an advisory role by aligning peoples' goals and competencies to the needs of a socially conscious business.

Barbra is highly focused on enhancing Safaroma's visibility and reputation and as such she advises the team on developing and organizing of key strategies. Barbra possess an Honours BA and Masters in Psychology from York University in Toronto, Canada.

Nicole Taino
Sales & Marketing Consultant 

Nicole is a creative and dynamic individual with a background in early childhood education and sales. She joined the Safaroma team because of her drive to be part of a movement that would have a significant and positive impact for women across the globe.

Through her creative expression, she hopes to spread the mission of Safaroma and reach audiences of all ages, races and genders. 

Amir Kamandlooie
Chief Product Officer

Amir is very passionate about sustainable business that benefits everyone. He believes that empowering women in Afghanistan by offering their healthy saffron products to North Americans and Europeans  results in a win-win collaboration. He is optimistic that with Safaroma's work and the support of Kickstarter's backers, we will unite and shine some light in Afghanistan.

Amir holds an MSc of Mechanical Engineering and has worked in engineering and product development for over 12 years. He has managed major projects in different industries. Amir's proficiency in production helps Safaroma to offer high-quality products to meet our customers’ expectations and high standards. 

Mylène Côté
Content Editor

Mylène joined Safaroma in 2017 because of her love of tea and for a chance to be a part of a organization that empowers women.

She lends her talents to us to help us with content creation, proofreading and translations. She is a Toronto-based educator and personal blogger. Her academic background allows her to apply meaningful and creative solutions when working with the Safaroma tea in all her work.

Ella Mazur
Brand Ambassador

Ella is an artist, brand ambassador, and fellow tea-lover in Toronto. She joined Safaroma because of its strong mission of empowering women and helping them to build sustainable livelihoods.

She is passionate about building brand awareness for this mission, but also for helping consumers make informed decisions and understanding the impact they can make by supporting brands that are helping to make a difference in the world. Using her natural creativity and positivity, she hopes to help Safaroma spread their meaningful message and the stories of the women being directly impacted by the sale of each sachet of tea.

Alexandra Caprara 
Brand Ambassador

Alexandra Caprara is a Toronto based theatrical director, designer, and writer with a passion for creating ways to help the world around her. Her training in the arts showed her the importance of sharing stories that make a meaningful impact on the world, which is what inspired her to join the Safaroma team. She hopes to use her creative skills to share the stories of the Safaroma farmers to help elevate and support women anywhere and everywhere, one cup of tea at a time.


Emad Fereshtehnejad
Chief Technical Officer

Emad joined because he loves "red gold," as saffron is sometimes called, especially when there is a valuable vision behind the business goals. Emad is an engineer with 10 years of experience in project management, manufacturing, and operation management.

He believes women need to be equal in the 21 century, which is far from the reality in Afghanistan. Emad is determined to help Safaroma realize their vision with his experience and skills.

Jawad Sanaey
Logistics Manager

Jawad has over 7 year of experience in logistics and the transportation of commodities globally. He believes that the lives of men and women are intertwined and whatever affects one directly or indirectly affects the other. It is worth noting that men like Jawad, raised and living in the most traditional and patriarchal societies, believe in and support women's empowerment and want to see their mothers, sisters, daughters and wives live in a society where equity and justice are paramount.

Sonja Touesnard
Social Media Strategic Advisor​

Sonja is a communications professional who specializes in data analysis, social media marketing, and internal communications. With experience in the public, private, and non-profit sectors, she brings a breadth of expertise to the role. She has a passion for tea and supports Safaroma's mission to empower female farmers. In her role, she helps to drive Safaroma's digital initiatives, and looks forward to making an impact both locally and internationally.

Rachel Gaudet
Business Development Manager

Rachel is a Toronto-based, avid tea-drinker, and soon-to-be graduate of Humber's Advertising and Marketing Communications program. She combines her diligence and creativity to help Safaroma build their vision across the globe, while also introducing consumers to wholesome products that have a charitable aspect with every purchase. She hopes to use her background in marketing to help promote a movement that breaks down barriers, brings about positive socioeconomic changes, and connects consumers to the female farmers who are behind the making of the cup of tea in their hand.