Saffron Farmers and Customer Testimonials

We are working closely with the Afghanistan Saffron Women Growers Association (ASWGA), which is a national umbrella of all the women saffron farmers associations. Currently 50,00 individual farmers and 5 local co-ops have joined with ASWGA to become part of this national co-op.  We are looking forward to broadening our partnerships with other agricultural organizations active in Afghanistan and elsewhere.


Fair Trade 

Men and women throughout the world dream of earning an honest living that allows them to support their families and work in a job that brings them satisfaction, dignity and joy. Our partner co-ops provide farmers such an opportunity by developing trading partnerships that looks for ways to meet the needs of consumers and producers in equal measure.

Fair Trade system was developed and implemented by our partners ( co-ops & farmers associations) to support positive actions that help people in disadvantaged situations gain a living wage, education, economic safety, and/or a voice in their own future.  It exemplifies the following principles:

  •  Creating Opportunity

  • Providing a Living Wage

  • Providing Fair Labour Conditions

  • Ensuring Gender Equality

  • Engaging in Direct Trade 

  • Democratic & Transparent Organizations

  • Promoting Community Development

  • Building Environmental Sustainability


Meet Naheed  Naheed
I am Naheed. After my husband passed away, I was left in debt and alone with 2 kids. I didn't want to grow opium. I grow saffron instead and am now happy. One day I hope to build a good future for my kids!


Meet Safiqa

I am Safiqa. My husband passed away and I raised our two daughters by myself. I am a proud saffron farmer. My youngest daughter will go to university next year and through saffron I am paying for her education.


Meet Nasima

My name is Nasima, I am a war widow working in the saffron fields with Safaroma. Now, I am making more money than before because Safaroma buys directly from my co-op with the women I work with. I am so glad that I do not have to work two extra jobs anymore. I now get to spend more time with my kids who get to see more of me at home.



Meet Suraya

I am Suraya. I lost my husband in an explosion so I'm alone with 6 kids. I had no land or education so I couldn't work. I now work at a women’s collective doing everything from cultivating to packaging saffron. I am determined to ensure that my children, especially my girls, study hard at school.


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