What does saffron tea taste like?

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A common question we get from tea lovers, yogis and individuals that haven't tried saffron tea is: “What does saffron tea tase like?”

Is it bitter? Overpowering? sweet?

Saffron falls into the category of exotic spices. Most individuals may take some time to get used to its exotic, spicy, and earthy flavor. However, if you have ever used saffron in cooking, you may know of its bold color and flavorful aroma.

The flowers that are used in making saffron belong to the lily family, which is associated with powerful aroma. Each saffron stick holds an abidance of flavour and we make sure each of our teas has just the right amount.

You can combine saffron with other herbal teas to get light but hint flavour of saffron. Saffron tea combines with an array of beverages, including green teas, fruity teas, peppermint. We have worked with specialists to combine the perfect amount of saffron with our tea blends to bring out flavours that you know well with that magical twist of saffron taste.

The end results is a perfect balance of herbal teas with the bold unique flavour of saffron. For examples in our saffron green tea is a bittersweet combination that is buttery and slightly floral lending a sweet, uplifting note to each sip. 

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