Afghan Saffron awarded 1st among 300 types of saffron in Brussels by ITI

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Afghanistan Saffron - Safaroma - Buy saffron - Saffron near me

Afghan Saffron out of 300 types of saffron from different countries, for the third year in a row, the best saffron in the world was selected by the International Taste Institute (ITI - formally known as ITIQ).

Afghan saffron has been selected as the best saffron of the year in competition with Iranian and Spanish saffron. The Brussels-based World Institute of Taste and Quality has declared that Afghan saffron is the best and highest quality saffron in the world. 

At Safaroma, we are dedicate to exclusively procure our pure saffron threads directly from women saffron farmers in Afghanistan.  

Afghanistan, with its good climate, is suitable for growing and harvesting better saffron crops, and according to experts, if this plant is cultivated properly, its yields will increase up to three times compared to other countries.
Afghan Saffron is referred to as Afghan gold. Safaroma women farmers process the saffron in Herat province which in turn they can support their respective families and provide a fair and dignified living style.

Demand for the saffron in world markets is increasing as people are getting to know that they don't need to rob a bank to buy and add a high quality and authentic saffron to their daily ingredient and we are happy for our farmers as their marketing expanding, and through us they can sell their saffron directly to consumers without several middlemen. in fact, currently saffron production in Afghanistan has reached to over 14 tons per year.

Afghan Saffron 1st in World - Safarorma - Buy saffron - saffron near me

How the world's leading taste experts of spices/saffron make a decision?

In International Taste Institute, the taste evaluations are done by independent professional taste experts. Products are tested by large experts amongst more than 200 Chefs & Sommeliers from the most prestigious European culinary associations and organizations.

The selected jury members are appointed for their proven experience in tasting and in giving constructive feedback. The appointed jury members talents are recognized in Chef & Sommelier competitions or by renowned institutions such as Le Guide Michelin or Gault & Millau.

As per their website, products are blind tasted, following a specific systematic approach based on the International Hedonic Sensory Analysis method.

All the food products are prepared & served according to a strict protocol ensuring maximal objectivity. This is not a competition, therefore each product is evaluated & scored on its intrinsic organoleptic quality.

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